Rats Nest

Pulling out of the parking lot, EZ drove the van towards the springs that feed the lake. Everyone got out and started hiking up the mile long trail. The lake and springs have a greenish gray algae. About half mile up the trail, group saw over 20 rats gnawing on a half eaten body. Trog lobbed a grenade over and blew them all apart. Entering the cave, @PI found 2 hell hounds. Trog was blasted with fire and aborbed one with his shield and the other with his armor. Dust shot one and knocked it out, while Nanis wounded the other. The wounded hound attacked Nanis and he dodged the flames. Group finished that hell hound and moved into the next chamber. Dust spotted a rat halfway down the next tunnel. Nanis chucked a shuriken and wounded it and it started crying out. Group heard scurrying a looked up to see rats jumping down around them. Dust sliced one and Nanis wounded another. The rats were gnawing at the boots and armor, but couldn’t cause in damage. Trog popped a smoke and group moved to tunnel. The rats kept swarming around them in the tunnel



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