EZ grabbed his gear and Nanis patched him up a bit. Dust looked back the way they came and then down the cavern ahead. A set of stair leading down to a 10 × 30 room with a box near the back. Nanis snuck down to the box and Dust, Trog and EZ started down the stairs. The box opened fire with a machine gun. Dust dodged the full auto burst. All returned fire on the box until it was smoking and Nanis grabbed cover behind the next doorway and Trog lobbed a grenade on target blowing the Lynx drone apart. Trog and EZ salvaged 3K parts from the Lynx and moved on down the hallway. In the next room was writing on the wall from 1843 by Zebediah Smith and rusted ladder about 100 years old. The group continued to the next room that was 30 × 100 and a high ceiling of 100 ft. A dalmatian drone bat opened fire on Trog and hit his helmet stunning him. All returned fire and put the drone to smoking and dropped like a rock. The dwarf liking stones caught it on his shield where it exploded causing further damage. Trog is stunned and has ringing in his ears



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