Brent Rescued

EZ shot Recoil with gel bullet and knocked him out. Team moved in and found Brent dazed from the grenade, but no worse for the wear. Heading back to Enumclaw, team met Seraphina at Juju Ice and paid 5K. Jace met the team also and paid 45K. Team rested the night and headed down to Mt St Helens to Cougar Bar & Grill. Jace mentioned Chuckles acts as a courier for reagents to Mt St Helens and Mt Hood in Portland. Team traveled south to Cougar and had a soyburger and beer at Cougar Bar & Grill. Chuckles was not readily available, so the group headed on down the road to Ape Cave aka Sasquatch cave. Crow sent Little Wind to find Anvil and he was found about half way in the 2.5 mile tunnel. The group went to a western side entrance and rested an hour. Unfortunately, they only got 30 mins of rest before they were interrupted by a grenade rolled under the van. It blew out a tire and everyone piled out. Trog was shot by a shotgun, then dropped a thermal smoke grenade. The next shot missed. About that time a Harley Davidson motorcycle was heard coming up the hill…

White Water Raft Ride!

Nanis suggested a cooler and beer for the 6 person raft rental. EZ took control and handled the Razorback with no problem. The triple drop was not as easy for EZ and everyone took 2 stun damage. Next came Thunderhole and then the boat buster with no issues. At the 10 foot falls everyone took 2 physical damage. The group made it to the island and came ashore on the NW side. Trog snuck up to the building and Crow sent Little Wind to check out the situation. A warning shot went over Nanis head, while Little Wind was attacked by a Fire Spirit.
Trog dove past the doorway and lobbed a grenade inside the building killing the mage, dissipating the fire spirit and wounding Ork and himself. EZ, Nanis and Crow are aiming at the wounded Ork…

Reality Hackers

Trogdor felt something was wrong with not having parent involved and guessed Brent was an orphan. His parents were actually killed in a botched Shadowrun. Brent is only 16 and doesn’t want to be taken in by a Megacorp or the Government. Little Wind returned from following Sangrita and Anvil and last contact was @ Mt St Helens about 90 miles south. The group went to Tacoma to the Cathode Glow to meet WTF of the Reality Hackers. Crow tried to negotiate information on the satellite uplink. WTF was swayed when Nanis mentioned they are trying to find a young hacker named Brent. They traced back the repeater station to an island on lands between Salish military zone and Aztechnology Research Facility. WTF would like Nanis to join Reality Hackers and is now a contact (Connections 3 Loyalty 1) Crow astrally scouted the area and found an armed orc and female using fire symbology. She sensed his presence, so Crow returned. Crow spotted Wild Ork Recreation Ranch that rents kayaks, 6 and 10 man rafts upriver from the island.

Rat runs away

Sangrita lost control of the vehicle and crashed. Unfortunately, it did not disable the vehicle and they continued. Crow summoned Little Wind to follow them. Group searched the mine and collected various items. Heading back to Carbonado, they pullled into the Saloon and had a few beers. Moving on, they head back to Enumclaw. Jace mentioned an assistant at the store went missing and to meet with some of his classmates. They said Brent had been gone for a few hours and kidnappers were demanding 2M Y. Brent has been able to communicate about 15 mins per hour and Peshtigo his sprite showed a trace of the network map that is going thru Popocatepetl Repeater and then Yacatecuhtli Satellite. Nanis found a contact WTF with the Reality Hackers and setup and meeting at the Cathode Glow.

Return to the Tainted Mine

Crow summoned Elcosa, an Earth Spirit with 2 services, but also painful stun (5). Upon entering the mineshaft, a collapse was heard and felt near the earlier frag grenade. Crow had Elcosa guard the group and the incoming dust was absorbed by Elcosa. Trog snuck down 100m to the lab and found no one. Sangrita and Hammer had quickly grabbed their equipment and escaped out thru a tunnel. Following the drag marks from Hammer’s body about 120m to the south, Trog encountered a large hairless rat. Rat scurried around the corner and when Trog arrived he was greeted by 20 Devil Rats, applying his SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) he dropped a flash bang and knocked all the rats out. Finding the escape tunnel/air shaft, Trog and Elcosa pursued Sangrita and Anvil. About 100m down the tunnel, a ladder provided a 13m climb to the surface. Trog saw another vehicle speeding away at 600m. Elcosa was ordered to stop the vehicle, jumped on the hood and started bashing. Anvil shot once with shotgun and wounded (9/12) Elcosa. Next punch was thru the window and Sangrita lost control and hit a tree. She managed to slow down the vehicle a bit before the crash.


Crow and Nanis asked Sangrita questions about the operation. Hammer bled out from his wounds. Anvil was handcuffed by Trog and EZ. They are creating crystal foci and @PI decided to leave. As they were crossing the dry creek bed, Trog noticed a Bear/Humanoid crossing 100m away. Crow ran down and Snohomish (Sasquatch) told them he doesn’t like caves and violence but wants Sangrita, Hammer and Anvil out of the cave and woods as they are tainting the woods with Blood Magic.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Entering the mine shaft, discovered a light source off to the left. Crow sent Little Wind to investigate and found heavily armored Anvil. Little Wind engulfed him and knocked him unconscious. Down the hall Sangrita dashed to the north. Little Wind flew 50m/round and subdued Sangrita as well. EZ and Trogdor were ambushed by Hammer and both were wounded by gunshot. EZ returned the favor, but Trogdor cleaned him up with a fragmentation grenade.

Melmont Mine & Info

Black rectangle marks low water bridge. Mine entrance is near the lake


Melmont is a ghost town in Pierce County, Washington, USA. The town was founded in 1900 when the Northwest Improvement Company, a subsidiary of Northern Pacific Railway, started the Melmont coal mine.1 The town consisted of a schoolhouse, a train depot, a saloon, a hotel (which housed the post office, a butcher shop, and store), and rows of cottages that were used as housing for the miners. Each row accommodated a different nationality, the miners being seemingly self-segregated.2 The coal was used exclusively for use by Northern Pacific, and when they switched from steam locomotives to diesel and electric models, the economic base of the town was destroyed.1
By 1902, the mine was producing coal to be sent 3 miles (5 km) up the rails to Carbonado, where it was processed.1 During the sixteen years that the mine was worked, it produced approximately 900,000 tons (750 tons per day) of coal, which accounted for 4% of the total output of Pierce County.1
On December 24, 1905, the house of Jack Wilson, then foreman of the mines, was bombed with a load of dynamite placed under the house. The explosion broke all the windows of the house, as well as those in the vicinity. At the time, Wilson and his daughter were sleeping in the house, but were unharmed by the explosion.3 David Steele, a miner at Melmont, was charged with the explosion, but was acquitted of the charges for lack of evidence.45
In 1915, the Melmont Post Office was closed, and mail service to the town was done through Fairfax. The Northwest Improvement Company ceased operating in Melmont in 1918, but a few mines were opened by the Carbon Hill Coal Company, which operated from 1917 to 1919. At some point, the miners had affiliated themselves to the United Mine Workers as local #2963.6 By the early 1920s, the mines were all closed, and a forest fire destroyed most of what was left of the town. The last resident of Melmont was Andrew Montleon, who lived in the remaining basement of the second schoolhouse.7
In 1920, the Melmont schoolhouse (the second one built) was torn down after Steven Poch bought it to use the lumber to build his own home.8 Today, all that remains of Melmont is part of the foundation of a bridge, a small building used for storing explosives, and the foundation of the schoolhouse.1

Following Gopher trail to Melmont Mine

Checked out Shady Rest Bed & Breakfast in Carbonado. Found matches from Carbonado Saloon, also found receipts for supplies for water and mining explosives. At Carbonado Saloon had a beer and heard rumors of associates Hammer & Anvil. On the way to the Melmont Mine talked to a Merino Wool Shepherd on the bridge and confirmed Hammer & Anvil are hostile. Also, coupons for high quality Merino Wool socks in Carbonado general store. Crow summoned Big Little Wind (a lil bit smelly) Nanis disarmed security cameras and Trogdor found the mine entrance and a deer stand. Preparing to enter mine shaft…

Carbonado Info & Map

Carbonado is a town in Pierce County, Washington, United States. Carbonado is located near the Carbon River in northern Pierce County, approximately 50 miles southeast of Seattle and 12 miles northwest of Mount Rainier National Park. Carbonado served as an important coal mining community in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, when the town operated the largest coal mine in Pierce County. The population was 610 at the 2010 census.



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