Weed's Mellow Mushroom

“Chuckles” needs to get more information about thunderegg infusion for his new contact at Renraku. Group went to Weed, CA to track down missing persons near Mt Shasta. Rumor of a Chupacabra at Medicine Lake about 30 miles east of Mt Shasta. In Weed, they visited the local security Knight Errant office. Lieutenant is investigating missing persons replied the receptionist. He was out to lunch, so the group went to his normal hangout at the Mellow Mushroom. Most of the guys looked like hippies except one clean cut guy. They talked with him and found Lt Stadenko. Their has been more missing persons for the last 6 months. A body was recovered that had been drained of blood and is at the morgue. Group is heading to the morgue to view the drained body.



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