Medicine Lake

Dust and Trog dialed up Mother Lode for some weapon upgrades. Dust got a monofilament whip ordered due in 4 days and 5 Yamaha Raiden coming in 2 weeks. Trog inquired about a Krime Cannon, but was difficult to track one down. Moving on down the road to Medicine Lake, they decided to stop at the marina. Few locals were milling around outside wearing sunglasses and looking a little pale. Inside Dust got his smokes and the cashier attacked. Dust shocked him and started to check him and the door opened with 2 more pale humans. Dust pulled his gun and hit one in the leg nearly taking it off. The other approached and swung at Dust. He gave him the vulcan death pinch with his shock hand. Outside EZ and Trog were approached by 3 pale ales and EZ backed up while Trog flash gang banged them.



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