Let smelly dogs lie

Trog, EZ & Dust heard dog whimpering at the back of the large cavern. Approaching a kennel, Dust picked up the limping left front paw from a smelly kennel. The dog vomited and Dust glitched and opened his mouth and tasted dog puke. Dust was stunned and fell unconscious, Trog came over and started pulling him away. The dog puked in Trog’s direction and splattered his shield. EZ kicked at the dog and it puked on him and he fell unconscious. Trog had enough and dropped a flash bang grenade. The ugly chinese crested/chihuahua kept coming and puking at Trog. Trog ran 20m away and then dropped a frag grenade and blew the little doggy to bits and bytes with a white liquid spray. Trog used the med kit and revived Dust, but EZ is still taking a nap.



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