Deeper into the rabbit hole...

Nanis rejoined the group and picked up EZ. Walking down the next tunnel, a gecko dropped on Trog, but it landed on his shield. Trog smashed it on the wall releasing white blood. In the next room their were boxes on the left side. Nanis investigated the boxes and a bat missed him and glitched into a box. Nanis jumped on the box and fired at the grounded bat, releasing the flash bang payload and providing 7 stun back to Nanis. EZ opened his eyes and trudged along with the group to the next room. 4 living quarters contained in a larger room with an attractive blonde in the middle of the room. Approaching her, she appeared cazed and donfused. She was mumbling, they got him, the took Bill. Talking with her they found Sangrita took her boss possibly to Medicine Lake, who was wanting to stop working with Sangrita. Checking out Boss Bill’s room the group found a 24k cred stick and data stick describing fly drone injecting gamma scopamine into blood donors. Since everyone was bruised and bloody, they decided to visit the local hospital. Hospital being average, but the magical new age healing being top notch with nearby Mt Shasta. Paying 1,000 each group was patched, healed and rested for the night. Duke called and stated a little chihuahua came in and exploded tearing up the front office. The blonde started to recover her memory and her name Delores.



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