The outer windscreen of the cockpit was made of quartz and was fused ultrasonically to the titanium frame. The temperature of the exterior of the windscreen reached 600 °F (316 °C) during a mission. During its service life, no SR-71 was shot down.

Shadow Run 2071 – In the future you have to see and not be seen, carry a bigger stick or be able to outrun threats pushing man, machine and spirit to the limit without crashing and burning.

Shadow Runners 2071 opening song Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

Look and feel of Blade Runner, dark, wet and mysterious set in Seattle…

Corps rule in 2071, Seattle has Texas based Lone Star Security Corp. Ares Macrotechnology provide munitions and security, Aztechnology pursue magical technology, Cross Applied Technology electronic hardware, Mitsuhama Computer Tech drones, Novatech, Renraku Corp, Saeder-Krupp german dragon, Shiawase Corp cyberware and biotech, Wuxing and Yamatesu

Crime orgs Mafia (Italian), Yakuza, China Triads, Korean Seolpa (Soulja), Russian Mafia Bratva (Brothers or brotherhood) fight for control of revenue from drugs, sex, extortion, blackmail, vice and trade in illegal items and BTL chips, credit card data

Gangs turf honor and power shake down local or protect a group or location. Ancients elf gang, Cutters corp friendly, Merlyns magical gang with Mafia. 405 Hellhounds and Leather devils, 1337 elite hackers, Chulos (Mexican)


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